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Graphic Design

I have been designing for print, presentations, publications and online media for seven years. In addition to my skills with Adobe Creative Suite, I specialize in creating heavily designed documents that are accessible to screen readers and are Section 508 compliant. This portfolio showcases some of my design work, and will allow you to get a better taste for the work I can deliver for you.

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Impulsive Problem Solver


I graducated from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in 2004 with a focus in Drawing. I’ve been drawing since I was about 2 feet tall (I’m over 6 feet these days), so it was only natural for me to pursue a career in a field where I could continue to utilize my skills in this area. The medium might have changed from pen and ink to something a wee bit more digital, but the outcome is the same. Inside you can see some hand drawn work I’ve done for a gynecologist (it’s clean) and some other electronically created drawings.

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Lone Tree


For me, photography serves a double purpose. While I strive to create an element of ‘fine art’ to every shot I take, each image I capture should have the ability to be used in my designs. Finding the right photography to complement a design can be difficult, and having the ability to use a camera has helped me more times than I can imagine. A lot of the images in this gallery have been used in advertisements, presentations, banners, and print content.

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Fine Art

When I was in my senior year at the Museum School, I did a series on war, as many art students do. It’s purpose was to create something so one would never forget atrocities when they happen. What was most interesting when the series was completed were the reactions from the audience. Generally speaking, people who were against going to war saw these and said, “These are testaments to why we shouldn’t go to war, so we can prevent this from happening”, and proponents of war said something very similar: ” These are testaments to why we should go to war, so we can prevent this from happening.”

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