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  • Not a State of compliance

    In a previous post, I wrote about the lack of accessibility of images. Unfortunately, I also sort of alluded to the idea that State and local governments are required to follow Section 508 compliance. They are not. There are a lot of web sites out …

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  • Creating an Accessible Map

    One of the things that bothers me about Section 508 is the idea that the only thing needed for an image in an accessible document is that it needs alternate text. Most images used with a design are there to create some sense of visual …

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  • A primer on 508

    karola riegler photography Usually when I tell people who don’t directly work in government agencies¬†about my services, the subject of Section 508 comes up. This is typically followed by a long, blank stare, coupled with a dumbfounded pause while they try to figure out what …

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